About Skåneleden

The Skåneleden hiking trail is 1300 kilometers (808 miles) long, divided into six subtrails. Whether you are looking for a wilderness experience in the woods or a luxurious hiking wekeend along the coast, Skåne is the place for you.

The hiking trail is well-marked with orange signs and markers.

The sections are rated from very easy to difficult. You will find water stations, wind shelters, public transport and service along the trail.

The Skåneleden hiking trail gives you the opportunity to experience the very best of Skåne: quiet woods, dramatic views along the coast, vast meadows and magical beaches.



SL1 Kust till kustleden i.e. Coast to coast Trail stretches horizontally from the city of Sölvesborg in the very northeast corner of Skåne to Ängelholm in the west. This sub trail offers experiences in the wild border regions and quiet woodland lakes in the east and dramatic coastal cliffs in the west.

SL2 Nord till Syd i.e. Skåneleden Trail North to South. From Hårsjö (just west of Vittsjö) in the north all the way down to the coastal city of Trelleborg in the south. This trail takes you through the dense Göinge woodlands, open savannah-like environments and beautiful country estates with a rich flora. 

SL3 Ås till ås i.e. Skåneleden Trail Ridge to ridge Trail takes you from Åstorp at the foot of Söderåsen ridge to Brösarp hills in Österlen, the northeast of Skåne. This trail takes you past impressive ravines, magnificent national parks and recreation areas with plenty to do.

SL4 Österlen takes you on a hiking tour around the southeast of Skåne. Picturesque fishing villages, long, white sandy beaches and humid beech woodlands await you. Don't forget to bring some local produce with on your hike from one of the many farm shops in the area.

SL5 Öresund. From Utvälinge (just west of Ängelholm) in the north to Löddeköpinge in the south, and a circular trail around the Falsterbonäset Peninsula. Along this trail, you can enjoy magnificent sea views, exciting nature reserves and the proximity of good facilities..

SL6 Vattenriket will run over 150 km between Bökestad near the border to Blekinge and Drakamöllan in Österlen. It will be fully completed in 2023. The first four sections will take you from the lush green inlands to the bare coastal landscape, passing through a large number of charming villages with plenty to offer. The paper map for SL6 will be printed in 2023. You will find more information and digital maps at skåneleden.se.

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